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echo timezone_name_from_abbr("", 3600*7, 0); //ok
echo timezone_name_from_abbr("", 3600*8, 0); //NOT ok! return nothing!
echo timezone_name_from_abbr("", 3600*9, 0); //ok

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This might be a known bug: http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=44780

3600*8 = 28800 is actually in the list of offsets that do not work for PHP 5.2.6.

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It seems to bee a know bug of this function : if you search on php's bugtracker, you'll find this report : #44780 some time zone offsets not recognized by timezone_name_from_abbr

This report corresponds exactly to the bug you are having.

There is a patch, but the bug itself is not marked as solved yet... and it is still present in PHP 5.3.1-dev

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