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I have developed code using EAAccessory , and its work fine...

But when i disconnect EAAccessory, my application got exception like an error....I want to show an alert , while disconnecting EAAccessory....

I am using this line of code in my app

  • (void)accessoryDidDisconnect:(EAAccessory *)accessory;

But this event is not fired ..When i disconnect my accessory....

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks in advance..........

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Is this a Made for iPod program accessory? Does the accessory have one or more supported protocols? You can't just use any accessory with the 3.0 custom accessory support. –  Brad Larson Aug 22 '09 at 23:23

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In addition to what Deepak mentioned, you also need to do a

[[EAAccessoryManager sharedAccessoryManager] registerForLocalNotifications];

and unregisterForLocalNotifications sometime before your app exits.

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To get the notification from the device when your device gets disconnected, you need to register method with "addObserver" in default notification.

[notificationCenter addObserver: self  selector: @selector (accessoryDidConnect:)   name: EAAccessoryDidConnectNotification object: nil];

[notificationCenter addObserver: self  selector: @selector (accessoryDidDisconnect:)   name: EAAccessoryDidDisconnectNotification object: nil];
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