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I am trying to run a script on a Windows Vista virtual machine with vmrun but I get an error.

Here is my command:

vmrun -gu *** -gp *** runProgramInGuest /path/to/Vista.vmwarevm "C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" "/c Z:\deploy\windows\ExtractFile.bat"

Nothing was done and the result is:

Guest program exited with non-zero exit code: 1

I tried to execute directly in Vista this and it works fine:

C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c Z:\deploy\windows\ExtractFile.bat

Any idea ?

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I finally found the right syntax that works:

vmrun -gu *** -gp *** runProgramInGuest /path/to/Vista.vmwarevm -activeWindow -interactive cmd.exe "/c Z:\deploy\windows\ExtractFile.bat"

It seems that the -interactive is mandatory for the script to work.

And if you want to pass parameters to your script just append them after the script name and add an extra space (important):

vmrun -gu *** -gp *** runProgramInGuest /path/to/Vista.vmwarevm -activeWindow -interactive cmd.exe "/c Z:\deploy\windows\ExtractFile.bat param1 param2 "
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Thank you! I was looking for this for a while ;) – vilk Feb 23 at 23:56

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