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I need to know whether there is any bgi library for graphics in linux.can anyone help??please do not suggest any library other than bgi coz I want to use it using C and I am comfortable with it.Thank you in anticipation

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coz I want to use it using C and I am comfortable with it

Is that a reason to shun other, perhaps more suitable C accessible libraries that are fit-for-purpose?

A quick search online showed that:

  1. BGI is abandoned
  2. There is BOSS

I quote:


This is the BGI Over SDL Subsystem that consists of a rewrite of old DOS header file/libraries: Borland's graphics.h, conio.h, bios.h. Also includes some support for sound and for mouse. I started this project to support a couple DOS game projects a friend and I were working on many years ago. Here's the page on which I had charted my original progress.

Which you can find here

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Compatibility layers are the bomb. I have to agree with Aiden here though, starting new projects using obsolete interfaces is usually ill-advised. – dmckee Aug 22 '09 at 16:51

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