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I've looked at this question but it's quite old and I feel there's now other alternatives to ARes.

Given that many people seem to think that ActiveResource is kind of outdated and heavyweight, I've looked at Api Smith, Her, Roar and of course ARes.

Which one of these gems would be the most reliable, and future proof alternative?

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Why not using lower level libraries like HTTParty or Faraday ? They will cover a lot of the ugly stuff for you (ssl, parsing/serializing jsons and XMLs, logging, adding headers...) and you'll keep complete control of the URLs and the management of data.

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Of course, that's also a viable alternative, API smith is basically HTTParty and Her is built on Faraday with added ORM like conventions, much like ARes. These libraries reduces the boilerplate code a bit but maybe it's not worth it? –  Yeggeps Oct 31 '12 at 14:54
Never found it worth. It's alwas a balance between the avoided boilerplate and the lesser control and configurability. –  rewritten Oct 31 '12 at 14:58

I found that simply using open-uri and json is a viable option. Less boilerplate and more control / configurability.


@people = JSON.parse(open("http://api.people.com:3000/people").read, symbolize_names: true)
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