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I recently switched to Visual Studio 2012 from VS2010. I have some user controls which are templates for other user controls. The first ones have some ContentControl whose content is defined in the second ones.

Follows the definition of a user control based on a template control (ImpegniBaseView)


            <StackPanel Height="54" HorizontalAlignment="Left"  VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="668" Orientation="Horizontal">
                <Button Content="Salva" Height="31" Width="88"  Command="{Binding Path=SaveCommand}" IsEnabled="{Binding Editable}" Margin="5,0" />
                <Button Command="{Binding Path=CreateCommand}" Content="Nuovo impegno master" Height="31" Width="Auto" 
                    Visibility="{Binding IsFirstLevelView, Converter={StaticResource BoolToVisibility}}"    
                    IsEnabled="{Binding Path=Editable, Converter={StaticResource InverseBooleanConverter}}" Margin="5,0" />


In Vs 2010 I could easily select, for example, the button 'Salva' in the designer. Now I cannot. I suppose I have to change an option in the designer, but I don't know which one...

Update Follows the relevant part of the user control used as template

<UserControl x:Class="Ragioneria.View.ImpegniBaseView"
         d:DesignHeight="450" d:DesignWidth="700">

<DockPanel DataContext="{Binding ImpegnoSelezionato}">
    <DockPanel DockPanel.Dock="Top">
        <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" DockPanel.Dock="Left">
            <Label Content="Anno/Num-Sub" Height="28" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="5" Name="label1" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="Auto" />
            <ContentControl  Content="{Binding Path=IdentificazioneImpegnoSection, RelativeSource={RelativeSource AncestorType=UserControl}}" Width="400" Height="28" Margin="5" />


        <TextBox Height="28" Width="100" Name="textBox9" Text="{Binding Path=DataRegistrazione, StringFormat=d}" DockPanel.Dock="Right" Style="{DynamicResource tb_readonly}" TextAlignment="Right" Margin="5" />
        <Label Content="Data" Height="28" Margin="5" Name="label7" Width="50" DockPanel.Dock="Right"/>


    <ContentControl DockPanel.Dock="Bottom"  
                    DataContext="{Binding DataContext.ActiveWorkspace, RelativeSource={RelativeSource  AncestorType=Window}}"
                    Content="{Binding Path=ActionButtons, RelativeSource={RelativeSource AncestorType=UserControl}}" />

Thanks Filippo

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Why don't you just use Blend? It's a lot easier and comes with VS 2012. –  AntLaC Oct 31 '12 at 13:57
What do you mean by "could easily select," and why can you not select it now? I can't really understand what you're describing and, though I assume you want to see if there's a way to reinstate the missing behaviour, you've not asked a question. –  Dan Puzey Oct 31 '12 at 14:19
In VS2010 I can click with the mouse on the button and it is selected. In Vs2012 I can only select the user control, it seems I cannot access the button inside it in the designer. On the contrary if I select the xaml of the button it is also selected in the designer. I would like to restore the Vs 2010 behavior. How ? –  Filippo Oct 31 '12 at 14:28
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2 Answers

Vs 2010 used the "cider" designer, now 2012 uses the same as Expression Blend. When you put focus on a ContentControl (the parent) then you're putting focus on that control and not the ones it might contain (its children) in its Content Template.

If you want access to those you should be able to right-click (and like in Blend) choose something that says along the lines of "Edit Template -> Edit Additional Templates -> Edit Generated Content (ContentTemplate)" to drill down into that control's ContentPresenter template. Or....you always have the option of just doing it directly in your xaml. Hope this helps!

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@Dan Puzey I tried but selecting "Edit Additional Templates -> Edit Generated Content (ContentTemplate)" I only have the option "Create empty". The "Edit current" menu item is grayed and cannot be selected. –  Filippo Nov 2 '12 at 10:04
That's interesting, I haven't used to VS2012 yet but I'm extremely familiar with Expression Blend which I understand is the same designer VS adopted so figured it a similar process. Can you open your Document Outline panel and select / edit from there? –  Chris W. Nov 2 '12 at 14:38
I have just checked and I cannot do it. Document outline tree is composed of usercontrol and the view template, nothing else. Maybe it is a limitation of the express desktop edition, but I'm wondering to switch back to Vs2010 because it was easier for me. –  Filippo Nov 5 '12 at 14:42
If you open your solution in Expression Blend, you can apply the same steps I specified to get to it. Blend makes template work much easier in most all cases. Hope this helps –  Chris W. Nov 5 '12 at 16:27
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You must add [AlternateContentProperty] to ActionButtons.

Unfortunately, unlike in Silverlight, you won't find this attribute in standard library.

Instead, you will need to use Microsoft.Windows.Design.PropertyEditing.AlternateContentProperty from Microsoft.Windows.Design.Interaction.dll.

Since this is a non-redistributable dll from Visual Studio, you can't reference it directly and have to create designer metadata assembly.

See this bug and vote here.

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