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OK, this is what I'm trying to do :

  • I have a custom NSPanel subclass
  • I want the NSPanel to be borderless (NO title - I'm drawing a titlebar myself) AND resizeable

The thing is that :

  • once I set the styleMask to NSResizableWindowMask, the default title bar appears as well.
  • once I set the styleMask to NSBorderlessWindowMask, the default title bar disappears (that's good), but the window loses its resizing ability.

This is my Code :

- (id)initWithContentRect:(NSRect)contentRect styleMask:(NSUInteger)windowStyle backing:(NSBackingStoreType)bufferingType defer:(BOOL)deferCreation
    if ((self = [super initWithContentRect:contentRect styleMask:NSTitledWindowMask backing:bufferingType defer:deferCreation])) {
        [self setOpaque:NO];
        [self setBackgroundColor:[NSColor clearColor]];
        [self setMovableByWindowBackground:YES];
        [self setLevel:NSFloatingWindowLevel];
        //[self setStyleMask:[self styleMask]&~NSTitledWindowMask];
    return self;

As you may see from the commented-out code, I've tried using any possible combination of bit operations with the mask so that I combine what I need.

Any ideas??

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Just do them at a time like this

styleMask:NSTitledWindowMask | NSResizableWindowMask 
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Unfortunately, it's not working... – Dr.Kameleon Nov 27 '12 at 14:12
Did you fix the size of NSWindow? Because it works to me – Muke Nov 28 '12 at 2:01

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