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I'm trying to execute a Linux command from a webpage with node.js, socket.io and (I think...) PHP. I watched this YouTube video, and I'd like to do the same thing, but I don't know how.

Could you give me an example?

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The link to their implementation is available in the GitHub repo linked in the video - mirceageorgescu/raspi-tank.

node.js is perfectly capable of running programs. A draft could look like the following.


var exec = require('child_process').exec;
io.sockets.on('connection', function(socket) {
  socket.on('exec', function(cmd) {
    exec(cmd, function(err, stdout, stderr) {
      // do something with the output or not


socket.emit('exec', 'cat file.txt');

Information on how to start the socket on the server or connect to it from the client-side is available on socket.io.

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