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I am trying to achieve prime number through recursion, I know how to do it with list.

Type error in function binding

primes :: [Int]   
primes = sieve [2..10]   
sieve[] = []   
sieve(x:xs) = x : sieve (filter p [xs])    
   where p x = xs `mod` x > 0

I also tried it doing with map and got type error in application

primes :: [Int]   
primes = sieve [2..10]   
sieve[] = []   
sieve(x:xs) = x : sieve (map (`mod` x > 0) [xs])

I am trying to achieve something similar what we do with list

sieve (a:x) = a:sieve [y| y<-x, y`mod`a > 0]
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it may be useful to print your code and draw lines on it connecting each variable use site with its definition. That way you will easily discover any shadowing errors you might have, and whether you refer to what you intended to refer to. Also, to note down a var's type near it - it must be the same at both ends of the connecting line, of course. –  Will Ness Nov 4 '12 at 13:05

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xs `mod` x

You can't mod a list with an integer.

You probably meant

where p y = y `mod` x > 0

Notice I also had to change the parameter to y so it won't shadow the x from the pattern on the previous line.

Also, filter p [xs] should be filter p xs.

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Thanks a lot! @hammar I was using the same x instead of using y. –  vbp Oct 31 '12 at 14:23

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