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I try to do this:

public class Demo{
public Demo() {
public Demo(Interface myI) {

I would like the Demo() constructor to call the Demo(Interface) constructor with null however eclipse complains "Demo(null) is undefined" on the line where I call Demo(null). What do I have to change?

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You are trying to call a method called Demo which you haven't defined.


class A {
   public A() {
      this(1); // calls constructor A(int)
      A(1); // calls method A(int)
   public A(int i) {} // constructor A(int)
   public void A(int i) {} // method A(int)

   public A A(A a) { return a; } // method A(A) which returns A

If you want a constructor to call another you need to use this() like

public Demo() {
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I had to read that twice to catch the difference between method and constructor in your first sentence, care to make it more obvious? –  ted Oct 31 '12 at 14:23
Thanks for clearing it up by example, though i find public A A(A a) highly confusing (what does the identity function help me here?). WIll accept once the timelimit elapses –  ted Oct 31 '12 at 14:30
Sometimes its is useful to have a copy constructor like public A(A a) which Java doesn't generate for you unlike C++, sometimes you need a function which will combine this with another of the same type e.g. BigInteger has a public BigInteger add(BigInteger bi) method. Calling a method the same name as the class is confusing and doesn't follow the Java Coding Convention of using camelCase for methods –  Peter Lawrey Oct 31 '12 at 14:35

It shouldn't be Demo(null) but this(null)

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