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I know this will sound quite redundant, but sadly, no answer I have found to this problem online helped me.

I am running Visual Studio 2010, and using the Silverlight 4 SDK (April 2011 version) for my project. (set in the properties, I double-checked)

I did add "using System.Windows.Data;" at the beginning of my .cs file.

Yet, the compiler still gives me "not found" errors concerning my calls to PagedCollectionView.

When I type "System.Windows.Data.", the completion gives me plenty of suggestions, but no "PagedCollectionView"... the first suggestion I get starting with P is "PropertyGroupDescription".

Has this useful tool just been erased out of the surface of the Earth?


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You need to add a reference to assembly System.Windows.Data for PagedCollectionView.

The namespace System.Windows.Data is used in multiple assemblies for example System.Windows that contains PropertyGroupDescription

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Thanks, that did it. –  SylvainB Oct 31 '12 at 14:57

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