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I am working on an Android App and the APK file is located in the out folder. I am also using Mercurial as version control system and cloned the repo, the clone was successful but Mercurial created two APK files one inside the bin directory and another in the root directory of the project.

Why Mercurial created these extra two APK files and how to get rid of them?

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  1. You have these two files in repo, clone just show it to you
  2. You didn't see only these files in original Working Copy, because (not discovered yet) local settings for original workspace now ignore these files (after they was commited to repo - see hg log FILENAME), but adding to ignore-list doesn't mean "automatically forget and remove from repo"

how to get rid of them?

  • In cloned repo-root create .hgignore, add global pattern for all and any (?) *.apk-file
  • hg forget both APK (or Forget from CMenu of THG)
  • commit changes
  • remove files from WorkingCopy
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