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Well the question says it all,

I know the function Line(), which draws line segment between two points.

I need to draw line NOT a line segment, also using the two points of the line segment.

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You will need to write a function to do that for yourself. I suggest you put your line in ax+by+c=0 form and then intersect it with the 4 edges of your image. Remember if you have a line in the form [a b c] finding its intersection with another line is simply the cross product of the two. The edges of your image would be

top_horizontal =    [0 1 0];
left_vertical   =   [1 0 0];
bottom_horizontal = [0 1 -image.rows];
right_vertical =    [1 0 -image.cols];

Also, if you know something about the distance between your points you could also just pick points very far along the line in each direction, I don't think the points handed to Line() need to be on the image.

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I see this is pretty much old question. I had exactly the same problem and I used this simple code:

double Slope(int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1){
     return (double)(y1-y0)/(x1-x0);

void fullLine(cv::Mat *img, cv::Point a, cv::Point b, cv::Scalar color){
     double slope = Slope(a.x, a.y, b.x, b.y);

     Point p(0,0), q(img->cols,img->rows);

     p.y = -(a.x - p.x) * slope + a.y;
     q.y = -(b.x - q.x) * slope + b.y;


First I calculate a slope of the line segment and then I "extend" the line segment into image's borders. I calculate new points of the line which lies in x = 0 and x = image.width. The point itself can be outside the Image, which is a kind of nasty trick, but the solution is very simple.

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This is the correct answer for openCV. The selected answer is rubbish. I copied and pasted this and this works. Thanks a lot. – Kenyakorn Ketsombut Nov 10 '14 at 8:18
Will crash if x1-x0 = 0. – John Shedletsky Nov 6 '15 at 22:18

This answer is forked from pajus_cz answer but a little improved.

We have two points and we need to get the line equation y = mx + b to be able to draw the straight line.

There are two variables we need to get

1- Slope(m)

Slope equation

2- b which can be retrieved through the line equation using any given point from the two we have already after calculating the slope b = y - mx .

void drawStraightLine(cv::Mat *img, cv::Point2f p1, cv::Point2f p2, cv::Scalar color)
        Point2f p, q;
        // Check if the line is a vertical line because vertical lines don't have slope
        if (p1.x != p2.x)
                p.x = 0;
                q.x = img->cols;
                // Slope equation (y1 - y2) / (x1 - x2)
                float m = (p1.y - p2.y) / (p1.x - p2.x);
                // Line equation:  y = mx + b
                float b = p1.y - (m * p1.x);
                p.y = m * p.x + b;
                q.y = m * q.x + b;
                p.x = q.x = p2.x;
                p.y = 0;
                q.y = img->rows;

        cv::line(*img, p, q, color, 1);
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