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I have an observableArray, I have a name "Zippy", I need to check if it is in hte array. if this name exists, I need to get its type. how should I do that?

// This observable array initially contains three objects
var anotherObservableArray = ko.observableArray([
    { name: "Bungle", type: "Bear" },
    { name: "George", type: "Hippo" },
    { name: "Zippy", type: "Unknown" }
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Try this, you can use ko.utils.arrayFirst function for checking an element with your custom logic..

var name = "Zippy";
var match = ko.utils.arrayFirst(anotherObservableArray(), function(item) {
    return == name;

var type;

   type = match.type
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your solutions is perfect, thank you so much. –  qinking126 Oct 31 '12 at 15:29
hi, Yograj, I have another question. if I want to change the value of an existing item in the array, how should I do it? I post my question here, can you please take a look?… –  qinking126 Oct 31 '12 at 17:18

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