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In my project, I need to add two UIBarButtonItems to a NavigationItem of a view controller. I solved this with this code:

UIBarButtonItem saveButton = new UIBarButtonItem("Save", UIBarButtonItemStyle.Bordered, (sender, e) => {
    //some saving code...
    UIBarButtonItem delButton = new UIBarButtonItem("Delete", UIBarButtonItemStyle.Done, (sender, e) => {
    //some deletion code...
    UIBarButtonItem[] items = new UIBarButtonItem[]
    this.NavigationItem.RightBarButtonItems = items;

It worked in previous versions of MonoTouch (on iOS 5, both device and simulator), but (I think so) after I upgraded to MonoTouch 6, only first button from the array is displayed. I try to use NavigationItem.SetRightBarButtonItems(items, false) method, but without any effect.

Is it a common problem or I am doing something wrong?

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Is it a common problem or I am doing something wrong?

Touch.Unit, MonoTouch's unit test runner, use RightBarButtonItems and works correctly (showing both buttons) with MonoTouch 6.0.x.

OTOH I see nothing wrong in your code snippet (but it's a short one). Your best bet is to create a small, self contained, application that shows your issue and attach it to a bug report. We'll be able to review it and see what's wrong (or you might find the issue yourself, if it's inside your own code, when doing the test case).

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Thanks for your advice, I've wrote a sample application and found out what was the reason. I'l make a separate answer to describe the case. – alexey.stalker Nov 1 '12 at 7:21

OK, here is the case. The situation described in my question happens when you already have a back button and a some custom view (i.e. UISegmentedControl instance) in a navigationItem.TitleView. In this case, when you set navigationItem.RightBarButtonItems with an array of UIBarButtonItems and the space is not enough to display a navigationItem.TitleView and both right buttons, iOS renders only the first button of the array and discard the other. I verified this in a native ObjC application and got the same behavior.

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Any viable work-around that you've found? – BRogers Feb 21 '13 at 0:40

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