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I wanted to use the new Mobile service available on Azure for my Windows Phone 7 project. But cannot figure out what to include in the project in order to make this work. The "new Windows Phone 8 app" option works fine, however I would like to get this service into a Windows Phone 7 app.

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Although the Mobile Services team has not released an official WP7 SDK, you can find an unofficial one here:

You can also access the REST API directly, reference is here

Hope that helps.

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"Azure Mobile Services" is just a set of Azure services packaged for mobile platforms. Right now Windows Phone 7 is not supported, considering it is a deprecated platform (for Windows Phone 8 and not backwards compatible) I would not expect it to be supported.

However, since "Azure Mobile Services" is just a "packaged set of services" you can absolutely use Azure services in a Windows Phone 7 app it is just not "packaged in one spot" for you.

You could use the Windows Phone Toolkit (open source) for Windows Phone 7 phones...

However, most things in Azure expose RESTful you could call the REST APIs for the specific Azure service. For example:

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The latest pre-release version of the Windows Azure Mobile Services client (0.3.3-rc) on NuGet now supports both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.1 apps, along with Windows Store apps.

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