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I am running a web server on a Windows 7 PC using EasyPHP (a portable local WAMP). That is my computer_1 and has IP address of

Now I have another computer (computer_2) on the LAN with IP address

I want to access the sites on computer_1 from computer_2.

When I type in the web browser of computer_2, I can see the list of sites that are in \WWW folder of EasyPHP but I can't access the WordPress websites: I receive the error unable to establish connection.

I modified the Apache HTTP Server config for ServerName and Listen (same ip), Allow from all, then disabled firewall, opened port 8888 for incoming connections.

What am I missing?

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It would be much easier to troubleshoot your case if you provide more details.

  • What version of EasyPHP WAMP package do you have installed?

  • What do you see on the logs?

  • What's the exact error wording in a web browser?

EasyPHP provides pretty interface so you could easily manage the WAMP instance without manually editing the Apache (or other) config in common cases. I can assume that there is some simple misconfiguration which would be easy to solve after checking the logs. So since you can reach the server and get some error -- check the logs for clues on the root cause.

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