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I want to make a simple interpolation into a mixin call:

$models: "square", "square-green", "circle";
$services: "facebook", "twitter", "linkedin", "gplus", "feed";

@each $model in $models {
    @include all-#{$model}-sprites;
    @each $service in $services {
            #{$model}-#{$service} {
                &:hover{ @extend .#{$model}-#{$service}-hover;};

error sass/soboo2.scss (Line 14: Invalid CSS after " @include all-": expected "}", was "#{$model}-sprites;")

I've also tried a few syntax variations that come across internet:

@include all-"#{$model}"-sprites;
@include [all-#{$model}-sprites];
@include [all-"#{$model}"-sprites];
@include all-$model-sprites;

Doesn't work... any suggestions??

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It would not surprise me if variable interpolation doesn't work on mixins/includes, since variable variables is not allowed. I doubt there is a solution for you. –  cimmanon Oct 31 '12 at 18:18
Ended removing the mixins from my loop and using them one-by-one. Thanks anyway =) –  Alexandre Abreu Nov 1 '12 at 15:26

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