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I am trying to move multiple large folders (> 10 Gb , > 100 sub folders, > 2000 files ) between network drives. I have tried using shutil.copytree command in python which works fine except that it fails to copy a small percentage (< 1 % of files ) for different reasons.

I believe robocopy is the best option for me as i can create a logfile documenting the transfer process. However as i need to copy > 1000 folders manual work is out of question.

So my question is essentially how can i call robocopy (i.e. command line ) from within a python script making sure that logfile is written in an external file.

I am working on a Windows 7 environment and Linux/Unix is out of question due to organizational restrictions. If someone has any other suggestions to bulk copy so many folders with a lot of flexibility they are welcome.

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Subproccess allows you to make system calls. This will allow you to call robocopy as you would from the command line.

from subprocess import call
call(["robocopy", "basefolder newfolder /S /LOG:mylogfile"])
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Use one of the os.exec family of functions to start any external program:

Probably you want os.execlp(file, arg0, arg1, ...)

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Like halfs13 said use subprocess but you might need to format it like so

from subprocess import call call(["robocopy",'fromdir', 'todir',"/S"]) Or else it may read the source as everything

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