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Hi I'm going to give windows 8 app development a go, as I'm trying to return to the windows platform, and I really like the prospects of the Surface Pro, so I'm wondering what programming language I should use?

I'm primarily a web developer, and I also work on php projects, where the javascript experience I could gain, may be of use. On the other hand, usually in mobile development, when I've been using javascript frameworks like JqueryMobile or Sencha or simply HTML5, I find that they don't have that native feel; The animations are not real smooth, and there is a slight lag, so I'm a bit scared by that, and consider whether I should just go with C#, which I've also been developing in.

Or maybe I should take the opportunity to learn C++ if that has the better feel in windows 8 apps?

What are your takes and experiences in regards to what programming language is appropriate for developing windows 8 apps? What do I gain by using javascript, C# or C++?

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Jakob, choose whichever you are most familiar with and the use case of your specific application. HTML5/JS, XAML/C#, XAML/C++, and DirectX/C++ are viable options. Read more – Justin Skiles Oct 31 '12 at 16:00

when I've been using javascript frameworks like JqueryMobile or Sencha or simply HTML5, I find that they don't have that native feel

I'm not sure what you mean by "feel" here. However, C# and C++ WP8 apps will look identical. The real meat of the language debate resides in what you want your app to accomplish. For the everyday business / Facebook / Twitter / etc. app, C# will probably be your best bet. However, if your app needs to process large amounts of data or provide superior graphics (games for example) then C++ is the obvious choice.

To sum it up, C# will likely be adequate for 95% of WP8 apps. C++ for the performance critical apps.

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The WinRT projections for the languages ensure that native components get mapped to their language equivalents, so whatever language you use, you'll interact natively with the runtime. That being said, the experience when using C++ is probably the most jarring in that you have two different pointer types.

If you are comfortable with JavaScript or C#, then use either of those, I'd say. C++ is only needed if you need DirectX as that's not available from the other two. All the rest of the API is there for you to use.

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