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I have a problem. I would like to download pictures with phonegap cordova 2.1 and show them in the apple iphone/ipad galery. I have tested this javascript function

    var file = $("#imgViewer img").attr('src');
    var aux =file.split('/');
    var fName = aux[aux.length - 1];

    var fileTransfer = new FileTransfer();

        alert("Image saved in "+entry.fullPath);
        alert("ERR: "+JSON.stringify(error));

The function tell me the file was saved in my iPad. But if I search in the gallery, there are any picture. I have thought to do a plugin in objective-C but I don't know enough this language. I have tested to do a plugins with this


and this


but they didn't work.

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finnaly I have resolve my problems with this plugin


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