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I added a page-break to my spreadsheet.

But now I want some more lines at the top of page 2.

I want to remove the page-break as part of doing this.

How do I remove the existing page break (that I had added before)?

I've gone through all the menus and options and I can't find a thing :( I've tried adding the new lines for page 2 in several places but they keep falling into page 1. I want a new lines at line 22 but on page 2.

Screenshot showing page-break I am trying to remove (blue line):
                                                 enter image description here

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Go to

[Edit],[Delete Page Break]

This is the 5th item from the botom

Note from Michael: You need to be on the FIRST row of page 2 for the 'delete page break - row' to NOT be grayed out!

enter image description here

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