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I am working on an Eclipse plugin development. Where can I download the Javadocs for the Eclipse plugin development API? I am able to refer them online here, but I want to download them for offline reference and associate them to the plugin jars. It is even better if I can somehow associate the source code to the plugin jars as well. I am using Juno. Any help on this is appreciated.


Update: I tried installing Eclipse RCP and then installed the plugin packages from Eclipse Java EE on to it. Thereby I could see the sources and Javadoc. I am not sure if this is the only / best way to include the RCP Javadoc and source, but it seems to work for me.

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You are looking for the Eclipse SDK. I assume that you are running on Juno. Two possibilities:

  1. Start from scratch and download the Eclipse Classic distribution from the downloads page
  2. Add this update site to your installer: and install the Eclipse SDK.
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