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I have an app that, based on the .text property in a linkbutton (which is set programatically, typically "Add" or "Save") the sysem adds or saves to the database. The linkbutton is standalone and not within a gridview or anything like that. Now the customer just wants to see "Save" in all cases, which invalidates my logic. I would prefer to use the apps existing logic as much as possible. Unfortunately the linkbutton doesnt have a propery such as .nonvisibletext, so Im wondering if it does have a property which I could put a string in that I dont use, and Im looking at CommandName. I do use that in gridview processing, but not in linkbuttons. Can I safely use CommmandName instead of Text? Or is there is internal usage of this property. Im not anything in research so far that indicates one way or the other. Thanks!

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As per my knowledge, you can use the CommandName/Command Argument properties of the LinkButton without any problem. The only change would be that the "OnClick" event should be removed and "OnCommand" should be added.

Hope this Helps!!

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Thank you! I believe I'll try CommandArgument. The system seems to work correctly with it. –  user542319 Oct 31 '12 at 17:53

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