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I have a couple of integration tests expressed as test classes under the Microsoft Unit Testing Framework. This is because my company has not yet decided on a(nother) integration testing framework. These "unit" tests check for things like certificates being installed in the right places, firewall permeability, etc. It's of course easy to run them on a development machine, but what counts is their behavior on staging and production servers. So what I need is a unit test runner suitable for those environments. Here are some options:

  1. Run them from command line using MSTest.exe. Con: Don't want to install VS20xx on staging and production servers.
  2. Use Maven. Con: Haven't climbed its initial learning curve yet. Maybe not the right use case to start with (despite e.g. Failsafe plugin). Pro: Seems to have enough scope to (also) cover a variety of integration scenarios.
  3. My initial favorite (pragmatic) choice is the following: install a service into IIS that acts as a unit test runner. It should present a web-based UI for pointing to DLLs with test classes, etc., and for visualizing test results. A "thin", web-based unit test runner (wrapper) so to speak, mainly for use at deployment and error analysis time.

My question is: Do you know whether such beasts (for Microsoft Unit Test Framework) exist and if so, can you recommend a particular one (or a better way to go about this overall)? Thanks for your attention.

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Possible partial duplicate of How to use MsTest in Continous Integration without VS? –  Drux Nov 1 '12 at 22:28
Maybe this is the right pragmatic solution, if there can be one ... –  Drux Nov 1 '12 at 22:36

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