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There was another thread on vim-R-plugin but since it was bit old, I started this new thread. Also my situation is kind of different, since I am trying this on a mobile device, Samsung vibrate.

I was following instructions in this site:

I got stuck installing a R package called vimcom. No matter how I tried it always come up with the error :

.onLoad failed in loadNamespace()for 'vimcom', details:.......

Ubuntu version is maverick: 10.14
R-version 2.11

What can I do to solve this error?

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The post is a bit old but I had some problems too. I was using:

  • Ubuntu 14.04.02 LTS
  • Vim 7.4.273
  • Vim-R-Plugin-1.2-3
  • Vimcom-1.2-3

and unfortunately the default R version was up at 3.2.0 after upgrading all binaries with

sudo apt-get update; 
sudo apt-get upgrade;

R --version 

So using Ubuntu's after removing the R packages

sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove r-recommended r-base r-base-core

apt-cache search tool to find the available older packages:

sudo apt-cache showpkg r-base-core

in this there was options for 3.1.3-1trusty0. So hence installing the generation previous was available with:

sudo apt-get install r-base-core=3.1.3-1trusty0
sudo apt-get install r-recommend=3.1.3-1trusty0 
sudo apt-get install r-base=3.1.3-1trusty0

Thence vimcom could be installed by the standard method and every thing worked. PS just a note, I accidentally thought removing r-base was sufficient, it wasn't - you need to remove r-base-core or you'll remain at 3.2.0. Hope that helps somebody.

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