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I've been trying on and off all afternoon with no luck. What I need to be able to do is take the href="" value of a link and store it in a new variable or new attribute (inside the a), but having had the http:// removed beforehand. This would keep the href value the same so that it still points to the link but I have a version without the http:// as well.

So far, this is the code i've tried:

$("a[href]").each(function() {
    var link = $(this).replace('http://', '');

I think this is correct but I'm not very good at jQuery or JS so I'd really appreciate if someone could finish it off/start from scratch :)

Eventually, I want to be able to put the link without the http:// into a pseudo-element of the a, using a:before.

I have a jsfiddle as well.

Thank you very much to anyone who helps me out.

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Use this.href instead of $(this). – Selvakumar Arumugam Oct 31 '12 at 18:47
Can't target psuedo-selectors with javascript/jQuery. Won't be able to do a:before and add content. – Ohgodwhy Oct 31 '12 at 18:51
@Ohgodwhy can we not just set a new attribute on the link and use that in the a:before, using content: attr(new); in the CSS? – Tom Oakley Oct 31 '12 at 18:52
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Just use this.href instead of $(this).

If you want to handle https as well as http, you can use a regex:

var link = this.href.replace(/^https?:\/\//, '');

Also, since you want to display this value in a :after pseudo-element, store link in a data attribute. That way, you can grab the value directly from CSS:

$("a[href]").each(function() {
    var link = this.href.replace(/^https?:\/\//, '');

    $(this).attr('data-href', link);

And then change your CSS to:

a:before {
    content: 'This link goes to ' attr(data-href);


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a[href] doesn't select href attribute it selects elements with this attribute so you have to call attribute manual:

$("a[href]").each(function() {
        var link = $(this).attr('href').replace('http://', '');
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Simple I would do like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {
        var withhref = $("a").attr("href"); alert(withhref);
        var withouthref = $("a").attr("href").replace("http://","");  alert(withouthref);



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