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I'd like to use a macro within a single Five ViewPageTemplateFile page template to avoid copy-pasting my code around.

Below is my attempt:

<html xmlns=""

    <metal:row define-macro="row">
        <tal:block repeat="widget view/widgets">
            <div tal:attributes="class python:'%s%s' % (widget.klass, widget.mode=='hidden' and ' hidden' or '')"

                <div tal:replace="structure widget/render"></div>


    <table class="datagridwidget-table-view" tal:attributes="data-extra view/extra">
                <th class="header">
                    <!-- -->
                <th id="" class="header" tal:condition="view/allow_insert"></th>
                <th id="" class="header" tal:condition="view/allow_delete"></th>
                <th id="" class="header" tal:condition="view/allow_reorder"></th>
                <th id="" class="header" tal:condition="view/allow_reorder"></th>
        <tbody class="datagridwidget-body" tal:attributes="data-name_prefix view/name_prefix; data-id_prefix view/id_prefix">
            <tal:row repeat="widget view/getNormalRows">
                    <metal:macro use-macro="here/row" />

            <tal:row condition="view/getTTRow" define="widget view/getTTRow">
                    <metal:macro use-macro="here/row" />

            <tal:row condition="view/getAARow" define="widget view/getAARow">
                    <metal:macro use-macro="here/row" />

<input type="hidden" tal:replace="structure view/counterMarker" />

However, here is not defined (as it is old independent page template way of doing things as far as I know).

How can I refer the template itself from ViewPageTemplate .pt template and use/define macros within .pt file?

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Does using 'context' instead of 'here', help? – Ida Ebkes Oct 31 '12 at 19:09
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I think you want:

<metal:macro use-macro="template/macros/row" />
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I'm using Plone 4.2.2 with a custom GrokView and this snippet gives me a LocationError. Template excerpt: | Traceback: – Davi Lima Nov 7 '12 at 14:53

When you use ViewPageTemplateFile you have access to (at least) the following variables in your template:

  • here
  • template
  • view

So instead of "here" (which is equivalent to view/context) you can use template/macros to access your "row" macro as @davisagli indicates

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