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I am using Angular's scenarios to do end to end testing of my app. I would like to run tests based on elements that take some time to load. I could just use a sleep() command, but I'd rather do something like:

whenLoaded('p .foo')
    .then(function(elem) { expect(elem.text()).toBe(something); });

Is this possible?

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Jasmine.js lets you do that too. Look up async specs.

describe("Asynchronous specs", function() {
  var value, flag;

  it("should support async execution of test preparation and exepectations", function() {
    runs(function() {
      flag = false;
      value = 0;

      setTimeout(function() {
        flag = true;
      }, 500);

    waitsFor(function() {
      return flag;
    }, "The Value should be incremented", 750);

    runs(function() {
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