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I was trying Capybara for the first time and having trouble with it finding my form. I'm using Rspec, Capybara, Rails 3.2.8, and Twitter Bootstrap.

In my test, I had:

before do
  choose  "Residential"
  choose  "Storage"
  fill_in "Customer Location",  with: 30082
  fill_in "datepicker",         with: 2012-12-02
  fill_in "Email",              with: "jesse@test.com"
  fill_in "Phone",              with: "555-555-5555"

And was getting the error:

Failure/Error: choose  "Residential"
     cannot choose field, no radio button with id, name, or label 'Residential' found

In my form, I had (excerpt):

    <%= quote.radio_button :customer_type, "Residential"%>
    <%= quote.label "Residential", class:"radio inline" %>

When I fired up the server, I could see the form and Firebug showed that I had a label named "Residential" associated with the form element.

After searching for the problem and finding this post: Capybara not finding form elements (among others), I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.

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I ultimately went back to Capybara's Rubydocs ( http://rubydoc.info/github/jnicklas/capybara/master/Capybara/Node/Actions ) and found the section on the "Choose" method.

I didn't dive deep into the documentation, but I saw that it was looking for a "locator" in the :radio_button and so tried associating one directly.

I thus changed my form to (notice I added "id" to the form element):

    <%= quote.radio_button :customer_type, "Residential", id:"Residential"%>
    <%= quote.label "Residential", class:"radio inline" %>

and that portion of the test passed! I repeated with each of my form elements and everything performed as expected.

Hope this is useful to someone else.

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