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I have a some HTML text in mathjax format:

text = "an inline \\( f(x) = \frac{a}{b} \\) equation, a display equation \\[ F = m a \\] \n and another inline \\(y = x\\)"

(Note: equations are delimited by single slashes, e.g. \(, not \\(, the extra \ is just escaping the first one for ruby text).

I want to get the output that substitutes this into, say an image created by latex.codecogs, e.g.

desired_output = "an inline <img src=" = \frac{a}{b}\inline"/> equation, a display equation <img src=" = m a"/> \n and another inline <img src=" = x\inline"/> "

Using Ruby. I try:

desired = text.gsub("(\\[)(.*?)(\\])", "<img src=\"\2\" />") 
desired = desired.gsub("(\\()(.*?)(\\))", "<img src=\"\2\\inline\")

But this is unsuccessful, returning only the original input. What did I miss? How do I construct this query appropriately?

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In case anyone is looking for it, the Jekyll plugin I've written to replace mathjax equations with images is here:… thanks to @justin-ko for the help! – cboettig Oct 31 '12 at 20:41
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desired = text.gsub(/\\\[\s*(.*?)\s*\\\]/, "<img src=\"\\1\"/>") 
desired = desired.gsub(/\\\(\s*(.*?)\s*\\\)/, "<img src=\"\\1\inline\"/>")

The important changes that had to happen:

  • The first parameter for gsub should be a regex (as Anthony mentioned)
  • If the second parameter is a double-quoted string, then the back references have to be like \\2 (instead of just \2) (see the rdoc)
  • The first parameter was not escaping the \

There were a couple of other minor formatting things (spaces, etc).

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brilliant, thanks for working this one out. It's amazing how much regexpr can differ between languages. Thanks for a good explanation and a clean reg expression! – cboettig Oct 31 '12 at 20:15

Not sure if your regexp is right - but in Ruby, Regexp are delimited by //, try like this :

desired = text.gsub(/(\\[)(.*?)(\\])/, "<img src=\"\2\" />")

You were trying to do string substition, and of course gsub wasn't finding a string containing (\\[)(.*?)(\\])

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