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I'm trying to find a solution for this need:

  • to have a CMS block covering category pages (all of our main, root-level categories), but then allow everything to go right back to dynamic as soon as you're at that main category page + attribute string.

In other words, you're at /shoes.html, and see only content, with the dynamic left nav and products hidden, but then if you go to /shoes.html?color=black (from a hardcoded link in the content), you stop seeing the CMS block and begin seeing products and left nav in its place.

Why don't I just go Manage Categories > Shoes > and say "1 Column" and "Static Block Only"? Because if I do that, you can't see the dynamic products when you're at the next navigation state (the added attribute).

I figured out a "way" to do this, because we use Endeca, and with Endeca, you can say "Show this CMS block > Only at this specific location", and I can apply a rule this way. But in order to give the "Static Block Only" appearance at that page, I had to choose between using CSS or Javascript to hide the dynamic left navigation and products. However, it is a requirement of this project that the dynamic left nav and product links not show up in the page source, which takes CSS and Javascript out of the equation if they're just sitting in my CMS block, because that will load after all the hidden URLs are already loaded into the source.

Does someone have an idea on how I might accomplish this? I'm veering towards the idea of having a developer create a new Magento page template, in which somehow there are instructions for a different configuration to be used as soon as the navigation state has changed, but that seems like a pretty sizable project, and I want to exercise the options of things that might be able to be put in the "Custom Layout" box (where you can place references in the head of the category), or in the CMS block with which I'm trying to show hardcoded content and hide dynamic.

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$this->getRequest()->getParam('your_param') is handy. Try something based on the following (in the template):

<?php if ($this->getRequest()->getParam('color')): ?>
    ...code to display if color contains a value
<?php endif ?>

<?php if (!$this->getRequest()->getParam('color')): ?>
    ...code to display if color doesn't exist
<?php endif ?>
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