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I am attempting to execute an external program from Matlab:

cmdstr = sprintf('"%s\\myEXECUTABLE" "%s" -options',fullEXEpath, fullInputFilePath);
[status, res] = system(cmdstr);

I receive "status = 1", partial program output in "res" (though no error message) and no output files.

BUT, executing exactly the same command with & (ampersand):

cmdstr = sprintf('"%s\\myEXECUTABLE" "%s" -options &',fullEXEpath, fullInputFilePath);
[status, res] = system(cmdstr);

Meaning in the background via a dos command window, works just fine (status equals 0 and output files are created).

I have seen somewhere it might be that the antivirus is blocking the program from executing via Matlab, but I cannot disable it since I am an endpoint user.

Using "&" causes my GUI to open a command window and run in the background, while immediately resuming Matlab code.

I can live with the command window opening, but not with Matlab resuming right away, as I use the output files in my MATLAB code, which are not necessarily ready.

Is there a way to verify the external program has ended? I tried simply:

while (status)  %waiting for system to return status = 0
    disp 'waiting...';

but it seems to still return with "status = 0" before completion...

Or rather - is there a way to avoid the &?

Any answer will be much appreciated.

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as a debugging method, you can use system(cmdstr,'-echo')

Since the error messages have nowhere to go, you wouldn't see them. (matlab only returns the output, which might not contain the error stream)

Am I correct you are calling a GUI program with that command? According to the matlab documentation:

The ampersand, &, character has special meaning. For console programs this causes the console to open. Omitting this character causes console programs to run iconically. For GUI programs, appending this character causes the application to run in the background. MATLAB continues processing.

So console programs (headless programs) would not allow Matlab to continue while executing.

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