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Okay so I have been studying Rest API's this past week. I have looked at tutorials and read a few interesting articles on it. Everything from creating a MVC to handle different http requests to the correct way to structure your URI's. All great stuff.

Problem: I only understand Rest at a pedantic level. So far I have only found abstract explanations of Rest but I have no substance. I need some real world examples of (IE. Creating a Restful service to handle POST requests from a remote user TO post data into a database).

I'm to top level right now. Can anyone give me some links or an explanation to low level implementation?

Is there a Hello World explanation for REST API?

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If you're looking to implement your own ReST system from scratch you probably won't find much in the way of tutorials - however, take a look at some ReST libraries and see how they handle things. They'll all have "Getting Started" type tutorials which should help you.

From there simply follow along the logic from page request till the time a response is returned.


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