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I'm in the process of researching the idea of doing a issue tracker / project management system in SharePoint. The idea is to have a central portal site where the issue tracer list would be accessible by all the internal users. Those users would enter issues or bugs that they find in the systems, programs or reports in use within the company. Each time an issue is received, an IT systems analyst would get the e-mail and assign the issue to a specific programmer. Up till now - no problem. I know that this can be easily accomplished with the standard 3-state workflow.

The portal would also contain a set of subsites, one for each IT project. Within would be internal tasks lists and other resources specific to the project.

I'd like the system admin who's reviewing the issue from the general issues list to be able to pick to which project's internal tasks list to copy this issue. Can a workflow action copy the item to another list in a project subsite picked from a lookup. Can that lookup be visible only to the admin and not to the user who adds the original issue to the issue tracker?

Further work on the issue would then proceed within the Project site and when the item is resolved, it's workflow would in turn need to update the status on the main issue tracker list on the parent site. Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have an example of a Sharepoint system for managing multiple projects where each project is in its own subsite. I found some examples online, and even a book ([Sharepoint 2010 for Project Management(http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920020387.do)) but none of them explain how to consolidate reporting for many projects, in a central way on the parent site.

Thanks and sorry for the lengthy post..

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You must be talking about SharePoint 2010 where you can create site workflows as opposed to SharePoint 2007 which forced people to attach a workflow to a list/doclib.

If you create your workflows using SharePoint Designer, SPD can't cross sites in the same site collection. You should not have those lists in separate sites. The workflow can copy the item to another list but not in your project subsite.

Just have each IT project complete the tasks in the site wherever the items are created. Use only 1 site and N task lists/resources, one per each of the N IT projects. Consolidated reporting will also be easier with one site.

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Yes, we use SharePoint Foundation 2010. I was affraid of that. I did find a way to display items in lists in another sites (<blogs.msdn.com/b/jackiebo/archive/2007/02/27/…), but it doesn't solve all my issues. I think it will just be easier if I create an SQL database to go with my system, where I can store all the tasks, projects, issues, etc. This way the exchange of project information between sites wouldn't be a problem. Does anyone have a sample that uses this general idea by any chance? – Lukasz Nov 1 '12 at 18:26
Please upvote if the answer was useful, please mark as answer for other people to learn from this. – sainiuc Nov 2 '12 at 9:36

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