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I accidentally updated to a previous revision, and committed from it under the default branch, causing 2 heads under the default branch. I want to move one of the heads to another branch. This head I want to move was made a couple transactions ago. How can I change the branch it is a part of so that I can push the other head to the server without a force push?

I have not pushed anything to the server so far. If it comes down to it, I can copy the files I need and reclone the repository.

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  1. Rebase
  2. Graft (move to new place) + Histedit (kill old changeset)
  3. MQ, if you know it (convert cset to MQ-patch, update to new parent, qpop, qfinish)
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You can rewrite the history with the rebase extension. It's already installed, you just need to enable it (from File > Settings > Extensions in tortoiseHG). Inside tortoiseHG you can find it if you right-click on a revision, go to "Modify History", and choose "rebase". But for more control I recommend dropping to the commandline.

Let's say you have a revision w that's a new head off the default branch. (w might have descendants which will move along with it).


Its parent should have been some revision b in another branch (not shown). Just enter:

hg rebase --source w --dest b --detach

That's it! It will rebase w and all of its descendants (if any), so that its new parent is b. It will be assigned to the same branch name as b, unless you add --keepbranches. The flag --detach ensures that you don't end up with a complex topology under some circumstances.

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