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I have an Equipment table in SQL Server 2008 like this:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Equipment](
[EquipmentID] [nchar](10) NOT NULL,
[EquipmentName] [nchar](50) NOT NULL,
[ProducedDate] [date] NOT NULL,
[WarrantyPeriod] [int] NOT NULL,
[SerialNumber] [nchar](20) NOT NULL,
[BrandID] [tinyint] NOT NULL,

I want to have a computed column WarrantyStatus that will return either Unexpired or Expired when calculating, based on columns ProducedDate and WarrantyPeriod.

This is wrong, but it's what I want:

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Equipment]
ADD [WarrantyStatus] AS IIF(DATEDIFF(MONTH, [ProducedDate], GETDATE()) < [WarrantyPeriod], "Unexpired", "Expired")
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Be careful, this uses the clock on the server which might not be in sync with your web server clocks. Might cause logic glitches. –  usr Oct 31 '12 at 23:13

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ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Equipment]
ADD [WarrantyStatus] AS 
case when DATEDIFF(MONTH, [ProducedDate], GETDATE()) < [WarrantyPeriod]
then 'Unexpired'
else 'Expired'
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Great, I tried that way, but seems I were wrong its syntax. Thank you so much :D –  user1789721 Nov 1 '12 at 0:57

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