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Say I had this simple section from a grammar below:

<rule id="WhoAreYou" scope="private">

How would I appropriately return the "1000" from the tag? I am using the System.Speech library and I am trying to return this value to a method using SpeechRecognizedEventArgs.

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If you have that section of xml in a string, you could parse the string into an LINQ to XML XDocument with XDocument.Parse(string) and use that to fetch the value. Read up on LINQ to XML here :)

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Josh is not referring to the actual value between the tag elements (i.e the value 1000); he is referring to what the VoiceXML browser returns as a result of speech input. The question was not phrased very well. It was not so much a C#/XML question as it is which shadow variable to use to get the results he wanted. – Kevin Junghans Nov 1 '12 at 12:39
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I actually just figured it out. I was using e.Result.Semantics.Value.ToString() which was returning the exact same text as was spoken. I realized I had set tag-format="semantics-ms/1.0" when setting it to tag-format="semantics/1.0" interpreted the tag as it should.

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