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I have an entity of kind 'ContainableObject' stored which has an entity of kind 'Container' as one of its properties.

class ContainableObject {

    private Container container;

The 'Container' has a parent Entity of kind 'Building'

Since the table is actually storing a Key to Container which contains its parent Key (i.e. the property container is Key('Building',1,'Container',23) is there any way to write a query along the lines of select * from ContainableObject where container has ancestor Key('Building', 1)

I know I could additionally store the Building as a direct property of the ContainableObject in order to use it in a query filter, but is this the only way? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but I would like some confirmation, since it's not quite a join as the parent key is buried in there somewhere.

Note: the ContainableObject is in a different entity group to Container, this is not an ancestor query, which the AppEngine implementation of JDO doesn't support anyway AFAIK.

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It is not possible to have the query you specified. You need to modify your code structure in order to achieve your goal.

Hope this helps.

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