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on advancedDataGridControl in flex3 , how to do the following:

1. Add Columns at runtime ( programmatically )
2. Specify the column grouping ( programmatically )
3. set method to be used to show summary row ( programmatically)

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This is how you can add columns at runtime.

private var columns:ArrayCollection;// Array collection of data

public function createColumns():Array{
    var advancedDataGridColumn:AdvancedDataGridColumn;
    var i:int;
    var columnsArray:Array = new Array();
        advancedDataGridColumn=new AdvancedDataGridColumn();
        advancedDataGridColumn.itemRenderer=new ClassFactory(Styler);        	if(columns[i].descending!=undefined ){
        		sortField = new SortField("@"+columns[i].name.toString(),false,true,null);
        		sortField = new SortField("@"+columns[i].name.toString(),false,false,null);
        return columnsArray;

and set columns like


similarly you can set vaulue in


and last one i didn't get it can you please explain a little more

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