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I'm looking for a process to build multiple GNU autotools based projects that are all located in separate source control.

I'm looking for a build framework that I can supply something along the lines of. Main things I want to specify are repo src (eg. git,hg...), depends.

  repos : [
     { src : "git://",
       branch : "devel",
       depends : []
     { src : "git://",
       branch : "default" 
       depends : ["repo1"]

Does anyone know with something like that exists? I've used bitbake/openembedded and yocto in past for different embedded projects but I think they are way overkill for what i'm looking for.

GNU projects typically do not deploy from a vcs, but from a tarball. Look into pkgsrc. – William Pursell Nov 2 '12 at 17:03
Completely agree, but for needs it makes more sense to pull directly from a vcs. – Adam Magaluk Nov 3 '12 at 14:55

I've used Test::AutoBuild in the past. According to their feature list they support dependencies, but I haven't tried them.


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