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How can I insert the date into a table in a specific format like 'yyyy-mm-dd' and I need to retrieve values of the date column in the specified format mentioned above using select statement in which I should not use to_date or to_char conversion.

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Dont, enter it in long, and translate it to what you need on upper layers. Globalization is a pain with code like this. It is terrible design to insert date as a string or a particular format to a db. But thats just me. –  Siddharth Nov 1 '12 at 4:44

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You should not insert it with a different format, instead reformat the date whenever your going to use it

SELECT TO_CHAR(date, 'DD/MM/YYYY') AS date FROM table;
// will give: day/month/year

I dont see why not to use TO_CHAR just because thats the way to do it.

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Dates are stored as 7 bytes:

  1. Century + 100
  2. Year + 100
  3. Month
  4. Day of month
  5. Hour + 1
  6. Minute + 1
  7. Second + 1

Century and year both have offsets (100) to allow negative century and year respectively(needed for BC dates). And hour, minute, second have offset +1 to ensure that the date itself can never contain NULL. We can use dump function to get internal representation of a date.

SQL> create table TB_Date(
  2    dt date
  3  )
  4  ;

Table created

SQL> insert into tb_date(dt) values(sysdate);

1 row inserted

SQL> commit;

Commit complete

SQL> select dump(dt) from tb_date;

Typ=12 Len=7: 120,112,11,1,9,49,26  

Though in memory dates have a slightly different representation (8 bytes in length).

Having said that you cannot store dates (data of DATE datatype) in an specific format - you can display them in a specific format. And default format of how dates will be displayed is defined by NLS_DATE_FORMAT parameter. Yes, you can store dates in a specific format in the column of varchar2 datatype, but it highly discouraged and has a lot of disadvantages:

  1. Extra computation. Every time you needed to implement dates arithmetic you would have to use implicit(not a good idea) or explicit(using to_date function) datatype conversion.
  2. Every time if a "date" have to be displayed in a different format you have to use TO_CHAR(TO_DATE()) call.
  3. What if date depends on time zone?

And many more.

So, store dates as values of date datatype and use TO_CHAR() function or NLS_DATE_FORMAT parameter to display dates in a desired format.

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