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Right now my website is set up to redirect to controller name home.

So basically when I type or I will end up in home controller.

Now in that controller // page I am loading some tables from database - that data will require pagination from time to time. which mean the link of the pagination is :

Now the way I have it set up when this address is being accessed CI goes to home controller and look for function name 3.

My question is:

is there a way to make it so CI will treat the 3 as a variable instead of a functions. Also is there a way to do it just for that section of the website (I am asking this because I have my whole admin panel set up already with the normal "" )

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ok found the solution thanks for anyone looking. – Neta Meta Nov 1 '12 at 1:25
Never tell anyone what you found out... – Sven Nov 1 '12 at 1:33
i didnt thought many people doing codeignighter however what i did is i went to application->configs->rounting.php and added a line: $route['home/(:num)'] = "home"; which routs numbers that comes after home to home. seem to work. you can see the full details at: – Neta Meta Nov 1 '12 at 2:31

I have the "first page" when I open the home controller, but if I want to see the next page the controller have a function for the pagination results. I.E.:

For my first page this is the link:

When I change to the next page, the URL turns into:
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This is how i solved the problem:

After reading some more i learned that i can route address to certain controllers/functions.

It appeared that at the config files(application/config/routes.php) there is a routing file and by adding a line or two to that file my problem was solved

I added the following line: $route['home/(:num)'] = "home"; which redirect home/number to home.

There are many ways of doing it however the above works fine for me.

For full explanation about routing at :


Hope that help other Codeigniters.

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