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I wanted to annotate some code with version history. This is easy in Eclipse when using SVN, but the Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter plugin doesn't appear to support it.

I quick Google search reveals that on the command line ClearCase supports annotate via: cleartool annotate -out - -fmt "%Vn |" -rm -nheader util.c

I also found a number of non-free plugins that support annotate. Any free alternatives?

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The cleartool annotate is the only form of annotation (or "blame") for ClearCase, and isn't available through the official plugins (ClearCase SCM adapter, or the CCRC plugin)

That is why you will fond some non-free option like:

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In Visual Studio you can set it up to run the cleartool command line option (Using the Tools->External Tools...).
It seems like eclipse has a similar feature ("FAQ How do I add my own external tools?")

Command: \installationpath\cleartool.exe
Arguments: annotate -nheader $(ItemPath)
Initial directory: $(ItemDir)

After it creates the file you can open in your favorite editor.

I only mention it because it might be an option as it is free.
It is easier then using the command line excluding when my project files have the wrong capitalization which causes cleartool to not work and I find myself either update the .vcproj or using the command line.

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