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I have a problem here identifying which method to use to display images sent from XML. I receive the following XML response :-

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
         <i18n:international xmlns:i18n="http://www.w3.org/2005/09/ws-i18n">
     <get:GetCustAreaSnapshotResponseParam  xmlns:get="http://tnb.com.my/CGIS/D/getcustareasnapshotcon">
     <ns2:ResponseId xmlns:ns2="http://www.tnb.com.my/CGIS/schemas/bsmfpro" xmlns:ns1="http://tnb.com.my/CGIS/D/getcustareasnapshotpro">02946A91565A40210000013AB9B58E97</ns2:ResponseId>
     <ns2:ResTransactionId xmlns:ns2="http://www.tnb.com.my/CGIS/schemas/bsmfpro" xmlns:ns1="http://tnb.com.my/CGIS/D/getcustareasnapshotpro">111112100334570</ns2:ResTransactionId>
  <ns2:ProviderId xmlns:ns2="http://www.tnb.com.my/CGIS/schemas/bsmfpro" xmlns:ns1="http://tnb.com.my/CGIS/D/getcustareasnapshotpro">CGIS</ns2:ProviderId>
   <ns2:ResTimestamp xmlns:ns2="http://www.tnb.com.my/CGIS/schemas/bsmfpro" xmlns:ns1="http://tnb.com.my/CGIS/D/getcustareasnapshotpro">2012-11-01T10:03:34.000+08:00</ns2:ResTimestamp>
    <ns2:ResStatus xmlns:ns2="http://www.tnb.com.my/CGIS/schemas/bsmfpro" xmlns:ns1="http://tnb.com.my/CGIS/D/getcustareasnapshotpro">SUCC</ns2:ResStatus>
  <ns2:MsgCode xmlns:ns2="http://www.tnb.com.my/CGIS/schemas/bsmfpro" xmlns:ns1="http://tnb.com.my/CGIS/D/getcustareasnapshotpro">IM-001</ns2:MsgCode>
   <ns2:MsgDesc xmlns:ns2="http://www.tnb.com.my/CGIS/schemas/bsmfpro" xmlns:ns1="http://tnb.com.my/CGIS/D/getcustareasnapshotpro">Map Data Successfully Return to external Systems.</ns2:MsgDesc>
       <cmc:GetCustAreaSnapshot xmlns:cmc="http://tnb.com.my/CGIS/D/cmc_customermgnt">

I am supposed to extract out MAP_IMAGE_ZOOM then use base64_decode. After decoding the string i receive the following when i echo out the result :-


What type of encoding this is ?? And how am I suppose to display it as an image ?? I have tried :

 file_put_contents('test4000.png',  base64_decode($bin));

but the image displayed is just blank.

I also tried the following and also received a blank image :

 $img = html_entity_decode(base64_decode($bin), ENT_COMPAT,'ISO-8859-1');
 Header("Content-Type: image/png");

Would greatly appreciate any help given.


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It would be more helpful to figure out what's going on if you print the decoded string as hex bytes, rather than as text. –  DarenW Nov 1 '12 at 3:02

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This is PNG file, with an IHDR chunk and an IDAT chunk. These are described in http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/spec/1.2/PNG-Chunks.html See also the previous page, http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/spec/1.2/PNG-Structure.html for overall PNG structure.

The IHDR content tells me it's a 420x420 image, 8 bits deep in RGBA triples (color, with transparency).

IDAT is suspiciously short, but maybe the image is all one color with a tiny squiggle somewhere, or a very simple image. I toyed with your base64 string in Python, and saved the decoded data as a PNG file. Image reading apps tell me "read error" or "cannot load image", so probably your IDAT is bad, or using a compression algorithm unknown to typical image readers.

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Thanks !! did figured out finally ... it was just bad data just like you said that the IDAT is suspiciously short. –  Steven Tang Ti Khoon Nov 1 '12 at 6:32

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