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I am still having issues deploying my JavaWeb app. However here is a interesting tidbit. I was able to Deploy the app in MCF. However try to access the app thru the URL failed. I ssh'd to the box as vcap, and did a look at all the processes. And the tomcat process was indeed running. Then I found out the local ip of the MCF box. I also ps & greped for startup (Thats the command I believe is used to start the tomcat). And there was one such process with a port (-p 49922). I then went to my machine opened safari, can connected at the port, and low and behold the app was indeed running.

This is the same behavior I am seeing on as well as MCF. However on CloudFoundry I cannot SSh so I have no way of knowing this is what is happening. I can attach the push logs (-t) . It shows this on vmc apps

| Application | #  | Health | URLS                            | Services |
| delements   | 1  | 0%     | | cfdb     |

But I know its running, just not accessible. Has anyone else seen this behavior. Whats Going on.

Thanks Atul

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Do you have any application logs (vmc logs delements)? If not have, have a look at the tomcat logs in your mcf install, that may give a hint. – ebottard Nov 1 '12 at 8:15
I did that. No hints there. Is there another location I should be looking at on the MCF. I do not know where all the logs or the inbound request is first handled. – user1687745 Nov 1 '12 at 14:31

From the discussion in the CF support ticket, please try not to set the data source connection properties and let CF auto-reconfigure the datasource bean. For detailed doc please visit:

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