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I have a HTML page that displays an event. Together with the event there are reviews and an aggregated rating.

Now I want to add structured data with to be extracted by search engines.

The item type does not support the properties "aggregateRating" or "review".

I tried to put different item scopes next to each other. I have linked them by using the "itemReviewed" property as a link to an "itemid":

<div itemid="#myevent" itemtype="" itemscope>


    <dl itemtype="" itemscope>
      <link href="#myevent" itemprop="itemReviewed">
      <meta content="4.5" itemprop="ratingValue">
      <meta content="6" itemprop="reviewCount">

    <dl itemtype="" itemscope>
      <link href="#myevent" itemprop="itemReviewed">
      <p itemtype="" itemscope 
         itemprop="reviewRating">Rating: <img src="...">
         <meta content="4" itemprop="ratingValue">


Google Rich Snippet Tool does not complain. But in the preview it only displays one of the review items. No display of event date or location. No display of aggregate review.

I don't know if this is just a problem of Snippet Tool or if real Google Search extracts the same.

Could you please tell me how I could improve my markup?

Is the usage of itemid / link correct?

Is there any schema that has startdate, enddate and aggregateRating and reviews?

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I'm dealing with the same problem. The best solution I found was to use Microformats. So you calculate the average rating for the event (rating you want to show on Google's rich snippet) and do this:

<div itemid="#myevent" itemtype="" itemscope class="hreview-aggregate">

    <h1 class="fn" itemprop="name">Event</h1>

        Rated <span class="rating">3.5</span>/5 based on <span class="count">11</span> reviews

    <dl itemtype="" itemscope>
      <link href="#myevent" itemprop="itemReviewed">


That should do the trick. The only problem is that then you get Warning Warning: If count is specified in review aggregate, page should contain reviews. Otherwise you may want to use votes. More information about aggregate reviews.

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