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I have been looking at examples online about connecting to PHP with Android, for example, Most of the examples I've seen are like this where they create only one php file for one database method such as get, read or delete. Does this therefore mean that I have to create a separate PHP file for each different CRUD method for the Database table that I want to query? Is there no way to follow the usual "Model" model and have all the CRUD methods in that single PHP file?

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Your best bet is to use a JSON interface to talk to your PHP/MySQL server. You can easily have all your CRUD methods in one file if you like.

Here is a guide to get started:

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$hostname_localhost ="localhost";
$database_localhost ="mydatabase";
$username_localhost ="root";
$password_localhost ="";

$localhost = mysql_connect($hostname_localhost,$username_localhost,$password_localhost)

good read

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You can use POST or GET methods to do different things on the same PHP file..

for example, on android,

  1. to get all tables, you go to
  2. to insert, you can go to

in php:

$iwantto = $_GET['iwantto'];
    $sql=mysql_query("select * from CITY");
else if($iwantto=="insert")
    mysql_query("delete from CITY where CITY_NAME like '".$data."'");
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