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I want to replace a SherlockListFragment with other SherlockListFragment but I don´t know how to accomplish this

I use this code to create the fragment tabs:

public class MyTabsViewPager extends SherlockFragmentActivity

        public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

            mViewPager = new ViewPager(this);

            bar = getSupportActionBar();

            mTabsAdapter = new TabsAdapter(this, mViewPager);

                    Fragment1.class, null);

                    FragmentList.class, null);


What i need is to replace in the same tab the FragmentList.class with other fragment Class

Thanks in advance!

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Well actually you can just replace the name of the class there. Is that what you are trying achieve?

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I want to replace it dinamically when I press a button –  user1612938 Nov 1 '12 at 4:11

Don't know if this is too late but you can replace fragments dynamically. There's only one catch, you cannot add a fragment to the layout statically in this case. For more details - refer the solution to this StackOverflow post

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