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Hi everyone I'm new in both languages... I found a example for scrambled numbers in JavaScript and HTML I would like to convert that code into ActionScript code, the languages looks similar for me but when I compile it in Flash Builder nothing happens... I would like to understand how to do the example but in ActionScript and MXML code...

JavaScript code parts that I don't understand how to do it in ActionScript:

function check(value)
    if ( value != Math.round(value) )
   alert("You must enter an integer in this input box.");
function generate( )
var minval = parseInt(**document.form.min.value**);
    if ( isNaN(minval) || minval != parseFloat(**document.form.min.value**))

And To implement this with TextInput in HTML:

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="**min**" VALUE="" ONCHANGE="check(**this.value**)">

I don't know hot to leave it in AS3 and MXML... I tried:

public function generate()
var minval = parseInt(**min**);
if ( isNaN(minval) || minval != parseFloat(**min**))

and the MXML:

<s:TextInput id="**min**" change="**check(this)**" />

As you can see I'm very lost...

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I don't understand what's with the ** ? If you have never used either language before and you plan on using Flex I suggest you start with the "Getting Started" tutorials to at least get the gist of how things work. adobe.com/devnet/flash-builder/getting_started.html –  shaunhusain Nov 1 '12 at 5:03
@shaunhusain It looks like the problem is using the wiki syntax on StackOverflow. ** means bold - unless within a block of source code. –  weltraumpirat Nov 1 '12 at 9:58
Please note that one of the biggest differences between JS and AS3 is that AS3 uses Strict Datatyping. This means that every variable and every function must be associated with a datatype. Functions are set up as public function name( arg:DataType, arg2:DataType2 = DefaultValue ):ReturnDataType and a variable is var name:DataType = new DataType( '''constructor args''' ); –  Josh Janusch Nov 1 '12 at 16:05

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import flash.events.Event;
import mx.controls.Alert;
public function check(event:Event):void
        if (isNaN(parseInt(min.text)) || isNaN(parseFloat(min.text))) {
            /* Do something here*/
            Alert.show("Input a number", "Error");
<s:TextInput id="min" change="check(event)"/>

This code works the way you want I guess. Please bear something in mind that the parseInt function ignores any trailing non numeric characters after a valid integer. Say for example, the code works if you enter "a" first, but fails if u enter 1a. More details about the function can be found here


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thanks that works better, although now I have problems with declaring the variables, like @Apocalyptic0n3 I need to use Strict Datatyping... I will appreciate if you know where can I learn it simple =) and thanks @ everyone for your help!! –  Elena Calvillo Nov 5 '12 at 5:32

Just a comment:

The value of an input element is always returned as a string, so to check if the user has entered an integer, you should just see if the value is all digits, e.g.:

    var isInt = /^\d+$/.test(s); // '123' -> true, '123a' -> false

You may want to trim leading and trailing spaces first, or not.

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thanks I'll keep that in mind =) –  Elena Calvillo Nov 5 '12 at 5:34

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